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I'm Luca, and I tutor all levels of math!

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I’ve found from working with hundreds of students that the real problems are stress and a lack of confidence (and now learning from home!), NOT a lack of ability.

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Learn at a pace tailored to your needs. (Does the teacher go too fast? Too slow?)
Individualized Instruction
I will teach the content in a specific way that you can best understand. Based on your unique learning style.
Life Skills for Kids
For kids I like to place an emphasis on skills that carry over throughout life: academic skills, learning skills, confidence, calmness, etc.
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With calm and individualized instruction.

About Luca

Former academic, current meditator, lifelong learner

I’ve always been passionate about teaching math. Even as a young student, I enjoyed helping my friends with their homework.

Education has always been a big part of my family. My parents are both professors and my mother specialized in math education of all things! From when I was very young, she would teach me math and this gave me a sort of superpower going forward.

A lot of how I teach math comes from her: Trying to instill some of the wonder and beauty of math when most see it as a dreadful chore. There is an emphasis on the multiplicity of avenues to solve each problem….and on learning through mistakes, via trial and error.

I have a very strong background in math, although I think it pales in importance compared to my ability to teach math. I scored very well on tests, 800 on the math part of the SAT for example, and graduated from strong universities like U of R and Stanford.

Later on in life, I took more of an interest in the non-rational areas of life, taking up yoga and meditation for example. I like to pass on this calmness to students. Sometimes all that is needed is a step back and a deep breath…

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