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I'm Luca, and I tutor all levels of math!

Located in Rochester, NY


I tutor almost any math and economics courses or standardized tests!

Relax & Learn
at a Comfortable Pace

I’ve found from working with hundreds of students that the real problems are stress and a lack of confidence, NOT a lack of ability.

Relaxed Environment
Learn at a pace tailored to your needs. (Does the teacher go too fast? Too slow?)
Individualized Instruction
I will teach the content in a specific way that you can best understand. Based on your unique learning style.
Life Skills for Kids
For kids I like to place an emphasis on skills that carry over throughout life: academic skills, learning skills, confidence, calmness, etc.
Get better grades
With calm and collected instruction.

About Luca

Former academic, current meditator, lifelong learner

I’ve always been passionate about teaching math, and now I get to do it part time!

Education has always been a big part of my family. My parents are both professors and my mom wrote books about math education of all things! When I was very young she would teach me math for fun and this gave me a sort of superpower going forward. I got an 800 on my math SAT, highest distinction in my undergrad in math at The University of Rochester, a 760 on my GMAT, and eventually graduated from a quantitative program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business!

Later on in life, I took more of an interest in the emotional and intuitive aspects of life, and my tutoring mixes together my expertise in math with my understandings of the “subtler” aspects of human nature.

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