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I’m Luca, an online high school math tutor originally from Rochester, NY


I've tutored over 100 students so far!


I love to help students who feel like they've fallen behind to fill in the missing gaps.


I'm a Stanford Grad and have scored 800 on the math SAT and 760 on the GMAT

Experienced Ivy League Tutor League Tutor

About Luca

Are you feeling lost, that the teacher goes too fast, or just that you struggle with math in general?

I’ve been tutoring for 10 years now, and what I’ve found from experience is that everyone needs something different. Some students have issues with the teacher, some have issues with test taking, some have issues with “number sense”…..the list goes on and on.

I really dive down and understand the underlying core cause of the issue and don’t use a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach to tutoring!

I also understand that a large part of tutoring deals with an emotional aspect. I try to connect and empathize with students for the best results.

Online Math Tutoring Tutoring


Our K-8 tutoring focuses on building strong math foundations and confidence. We focus on the fundamentals and aim to help make learning fun.


Get help completing your homework assignments, studying for your next quiz or test, preparing for your midterm or final exam, and improving your grades.


Personally tailored lessons fit to each student’s academic needs. We deliver patient, thought-out explanations for every problem.


John Barrett
John Barrett
I got tutoring from Luca for Calculus III (Vector Calculus) I was amazed how knowledgeable he was about the subject. He is a fantastic tutor who really knows and enjoys high level math! I would highly recommend him for any math needs, he is wonderful!
Shannon Carroll
Shannon Carroll
I am a fifty year old woman who decided to pursue my MBA. I never would have passed a challenging statistics course without his wisdom, patience, and willingness to be available when I needed him. I can’t recommend him enough!
Tara Heald
Tara Heald
Incredible Statistics tutor! Would highly recommend and will use him again in the future!
Luca is more than just superb math tutor that knows his way instantly in any math problem. He is easygoing, down-to-earth and reliable professional . He always has a time to help beyond scheduled sessions . I was sooo lucky to find him. It wouldn’t be possible without him . Highly recommend. Thank you.
Kim Kim
Kim Kim
I would definitely recommend Mr. Luca, he knew his stuff and made the math tutoring problems where one understood how to arrive at solution. He was dependable, professional and always on time. He was a true blessing. Thank you. Mz K
Yadira Benitez
Yadira Benitez
Luca is currently tutoring my sophomore daughter and I can already see the change in her work assignments and tests. He is patient, punctual and flexible. Thank You for getting her back on track!!!
Suzanne Nelson
Suzanne Nelson
Just an overall great tutor. Knows his math and how to make it understandable. Always willing to help. My son would have never passed differential equations without his help. Highly recommend.
Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell
Luca continues to provide wonderful tutoring for my fourteen year old daughter. He is patient, kind and helps her understand how to begin and solve math problems so that she understands the process for herself. We have been extremely happy with this service and her confidence has sky rocketed as a result. Book with confidence.
Caroline Levine
Caroline Levine
Luca has been an ideal tutor for my 13-14 year old child, who was finding his math classes repetitive and wanted to accelerate a grade. He passed the test with flying colors and always enjoyed working with Luca.

Our Tutoring Approach Approach


We collaborate with students, parents and teachers to develop a personalized curriculum. Every student is unique and by understanding how they learn we can help them achieve unparalleled success.


Learn from a highly qualified Ivy League Graduate dedicated to helping students achieve incredible results. Throughout my tutoring career, I’ve learned invaluable skills to connect with students.


Math can be an intimidating subject and early difficulties lead to frustration and anxiety. Our tutoring helps instill confidence and lower anxiety while building strong academic foundations.

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